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Fykaa Caan Specialist Area includes Celebrity Culture, Media, Branding, Fashion and Consumer Behaviour.

  • BA Marketing, MA Marketing and Management for Designers
  • PhD Research On the Impact of Celebrity Innovations and Fashions on Consumer Behaviour
  • Senior Celebrity Researcher in International Fashion, Media, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour and Strategies for Consumer Psychology
  • Researcher and Writer
  • Media Trainer
  • Senior Celebrity Researcher at Epega Media
  • International Communications and Business Manager
  • Head of Epega Media Dubai
  • Lifestyle and Social Affairs Editor @ Hollywood London Magazine
  • Academic Presentations
  • International conferences
  • Research Group Membership – GAMBI Global Advances In Marketing Branding an Innovation

Fykaa Caan -

Received her MA in Marketing and Management for Designers and is currently doing a PhD in the area of Celebrity, Profiling and Branding, Celebrity Impact on Consumer Behaviour. Her research interests are in the areas of celebrity effects, consumer behaviour, diffusion of innovations, consumer driven consumerism and her work has appeared internationally at conferences as guest speaker at academic and non-academic organisations and in various conference proceedings. Prior to her graduate degrees, she has worked in advertising, fashion (specialising in menswear and high end suits), marketing mental health and studying behaviours.

From her experience in working in the media world first hand she says “The celebrity has pervaded international development causing much debate and diverse responses. It is for these reasons that celebrity is a central focus of my writing, research, public relations, branding and media communications”.

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Celebrity Marketing Consultant

Celebrities are human brands which present a familiar face. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways for companies to create brand associations in the minds of consumers. When a widely loved celebrity endorses a product, that product gains immediate credibility. Fykaa’s interest lies in why we do this? and what impact this has on our behaviours?

Fykaa’s role as international Communications manager at Epega Media entails working on bespoke projects where she profiles celebrities and brands. They have a client base which includes various celebrities and oversee public image, manage media relations of celebrity clients which include famous actors, film, TV, music, comedy, The Arts, fashion, business, sport stars, authors and academics.

Please contact us if you require any further information on celebrities for:

  • Personal Appearances I Film Premieres and Red Carpet Events I Guest and Presenters for Award Ceremonies
  • Guest and Presenters for Award ceremonies, Launch events TV shows, Film Festivals, Opening Nights
  • Fykaa Caan is available for speaking arrangements, corporate business, charity events, product endorsements and branding consultancy

Epega Media Client Portfolio and Projects have included:

MTV Europe,
EMI Music,
Sony Music,

Turner Broadcasting's channels CNN,
TCM and the Cartoon Network.

Epega Media proudly presents work including PR campaigns with:

Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx,
Freemantle Media Enterprises.
X Factor, American Idol,
EastEnders Actors,
Worldvision Charity,

Universal Music,
Donal MacIntyre,
Various Talent.

The Epega portfolio includes work with:

George Michael,
Mariah Carey,
Donatella Versace/ the House of Versace,
Charley Palmer Rothwell,
Patrick Dempsey,

Lenny Kravitz,
Tommy Hilfiger,
Gerard Butler,
Matt Dillon.

Fyka Caan

Fykaa Caan Says...

"I love working with Epega Media, it is a great opportunity to meet some fantastic people and to work on different levels. It splits my time between both my passions, fashion and marketing. With their vast portfolio of clients, it means that there are always lots of exciting things to do"

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